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In the first place, scientific archaeology allows us to understand the tiny details of history, and to provide material evidence to compare with historical documents and turn historical interpretations into plausible arguments. Protection by research priority, it can be argued, would be catastrophic: too little, too late, too partial, too personal and quickly out of date. The value-led planning process can be used to anticipate this type of conflict and to begin to help resolve it. That is, while advertising increases consumption, increments of advertising yield ever smaller increments in consumption. This forms the main narrative of the admission history and physical and often starts with a brief review of past medical history. In reality, the problem is not solely the correspondence to the original form: even when philologically correct, the reconstruction of something that no longer exists is, to a certain extent, a fake. Besides presenting powerful visuals of the "Marlboro Man," the cover also seems designed to obscure the health warning on the underlying pack. The Court shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but may take judicial notice of them. It encompasses all animals, including humans; it also includes some things Europeans would regard as natural features such as the sun and moon, and some categories of beings whose existence Europeans generally do not recognise. The Prosecutor shall, having evaluated the information made available to him or her, initiate an investigation unless he or she determines that there is no reasonable basis to proceed under this Statute. Secondly, we must be aware that not everything which we decide to preserve has to be exhibited, and must therefore try out other formulas of conservation, including archaeological reserves or the integration of archaeological projects within new alternative uses. Many institutions, the Archaeological Institute of America among them, have taken strong stands against illegal traffic in antiquities and will not knowingly publicize looted objects for fear of increasing their market value. In the cases mentioned in the two preceding paragraphs, protected persons compelled to work shall have the benefit of the same working conditions and of the same safeguards as national workers, in particular as regards wages, hours of labour, clothing and equipment, previous training and compensation for occupational accidents and diseases. The Supreme Court has articulated two complementary rationales for affording First Amendment protection against compelled speech. The pattern of deficits manifested by patients are associated with brain function, which guides the answers to the referral questions. This section reviews research that compares audience response to antitobacco advertisements that vary along one or more of the characteristics listed in table 11. Establishing authenticity may be important not only for historic and aesthetic reasons; because authenticity may guarantee the veracity of scientific information used by archaeologists to reconstruct the historic processes of colonized people who have no other record, it can be crucial to the identity of a community. The elements of crimes are generally structured in accordance with the following principles: (a) As the elements of crimes focus on the conduct, consequences and circumstances associated with each crime, they are generally listed in that order; (b) When required, a particular mental element is listed after the affected conduct, consequence or circumstance; (c) Contextual circumstances are listed last. Conclusion: "Localization" as Semiotics As in the case of conservation, presentation and broad interpretation for the public, or archaeological "localization," must not be viewed as an outside intervention that takes place apart from, independently of, and long after the archaeological work proper. If at any time the inspection team demonstrates credibly to the inspected State Party that the necessary activities authorized in the mandate could not be carried out from the outside and that access to a restrictedaccess site is necessary to fulfil the mandate, some members of the inspection team shall be granted access to accomplish specific tasks within the site. Long and colleagues61 studied news coverage of tobacco by daily newspapers, local and national television newscasts, and three national news magazines in the United States during 2002 and 2003. Curzon, on the other hand, argued against removing them from their original locality: the question raised is one of principle, and it involves a much wider range of application than the limited case of Bijapur. But very often these people do not have the strong commitment to a problem orientation and to carving out a disciplinary reputation found in researchers who have survived the rigors of PhD training. The very enterprise of restoring historic buildings was a British responsibility and not a European one. But such pride can only derive from an understanding of the intrinsic value of a site. They first estimated the number of smoking depictions contained in 776 movies released during this period by using data from ScreenIt. For each State ratifying or acceding to the Convention after the deposit of the twenty-second instrument of ratification or accession, the Convention shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after deposit by such State of its instrument of ratification or accession. It is connected to the lateral ventricles via the foramin of Monroe (Interventricular Foramin) and with the fourth ventricle via the aquaduct of Sylvius (cerebral aqueduct). The skeletal remains of Mungo I (or Mungo Lady as she is called by Aboriginal people of New South Wales) are now in a repository of national importance, controlled by Aboriginal people.

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There was almost no smoking among adolescents with little exposure to movies, and smoking peaked at almost 40% above the 95th percentile. It decides which entities are data, and then normally tries to gather all of them. The different findings of these studies in relation to the apparent class of on-screen smokers may reflect the different sampling methods used. The Party withdrawing immunity shall, as soon as possible, so inform the CommissionerGeneral for cultural property provided for in the Regulations for the execution of the Convention, in writing, stating the reasons. After 2003, additional cuts in antitobacco funding may further reduce the number of states with antitobacco media campaigns. Research shows that, on average, magazines that accept tobacco advertising tend to provide less coverage of smoking and health. While a storage facility remains closed for any movement of chemical weapons out of the facility other than their removal for destruction, a State Party may continue at the facility standard maintenance activities, including standard maintenance of chemical weapons; safety monitoring and physical security activities; and preparation of chemical weapons for destruction. The cave is of great archaeological significance in Vanuatu and a focal point in the life and ritual of the local indigenous people. Ironically, although an important reason for conjectural restoration of the site was to make it available to visitors and thereby support its significance, visitor numbers are now in sharp decline. Department of Justice against the tobacco companies and industry groups for costs due to diseases caused by smoking and (2) the Engle class action suit in Florida asked jurors to award $200 billion in punitive damages to people suffering from diseases caused by tobacco. National definitions of any of the categories covered under Article 2 (1) (a)-(g) shall not cover less than the descriptions used in the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms at the time of entry into force of this Treaty. Nevertheless if that Power fails to carry out the provisions of the Convention in any important respect, the Power by whom the prisoners of war were transferred shall, upon being notified by the Protecting Power, take effective measures to correct the situation or shall request the return of the prisoners of war. As cigarette advertising is being curtailed in some traditional media, cigarette companies are exploring the use of new or nontraditional media for distributing protobacco messages and images, including the Internet and cigarette packages. In so far as possible, and as decided by the President, the functions may be exercised remotely, away from the seats of the branches of the Mechanism. Draft regulation circulated for comment by the Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, National Park Service, Washington, D. A big thank you to all our contributors not only for your excellent contributions but for your indulgence of Mike and I as we asked for additions, deletions and re-writes. Furthermore, maps and records must be explicit enough so that future workers can tell where excavation was done or surface collections made, and these maps and records must be archived so that future workers will have access to this information. Second, smoking cessation rates for adults have a much greater impact than do rates of smoking initiation for youth on short-term trends in smoking prevalence in the general population. In the first published study of this type, Goldman and Glantz94 reviewed reports of 186 focus groups, containing more than 1,500 youth and adults, that had been conducted by advertising agencies as part of pretesting of some 118 broadcast antitobacco advertisements or advertising concepts. At the request of any party to a proceeding or a State allowed to intervene in a proceeding, the Court shall authorize a language other than English or French to be used by such a party or State, provided that the Court considers such authorization to be adequately justified. Conclusion: the Future-Bridge-Building Locally, Nationally and Internationally [. In this case they become an apology for the status quo, one that does not really address either the fate of the archaeological record or that of subsistence diggers. Conditions of labour shall in no case be rendered more arduous by disciplinary measures. In the larger study, participants were asked whether 11 tobacco advertisements did or did not remind them of themselves. The information in sensory storage must be attended to before being transferred to short-term memory. John Marshall, Conservation Manual: A Handbook for the Use of Archaeological Officers and Others Entrusted with the Care of Ancient Monuments (Calcutta, West Bengal: Superintendent Government Printing, 1923). An industry response function using national data and an industry response function using market-level data are defined. It is not an exaggeration to state that need far exceeds available resources for protection and maintenance of ruins, even in the most affluent nations. Part of our archaeological conservation campaign, then, must be to convince our museums and museum-like institutions, and their financial backers, of the importance of storage.

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One scale measured attitudes toward the tobacco industry (central to the campaign), one included traditional normative attitudes and beliefs, and the third reflected antitobacco empowerment. Opening up an exhibition at a site could revitalise the social and economic dynamic of an urban area, just as it could also exert a negative influence if consideration is not given to integrating this within the urban fabric of the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, it is clear that the systematic mapping of all subsoil sites and relic landscapes would be prohibitively labor-intensive and expensive. The agencies that distributed salvage funds, however, had developed contract policies and administrative structures based on a vision of archaeology as particularistic and inductive. In addition to material specific memory differences (verbal versus visual or nonverbal memory) between the left and right hemispheres noted above), other hemispheric differences have been identified (see Kandel 2007; Lezak et al. Each State Party shall immediately acknowledge receipt of the list of inspectors and inspection assistants, proposed for designation communicated to it. Scholars of the texts have been outraged by being thwarted in their legitimate desire to be able to examine the inscriptions firsthand. The use of cultural heritage in defining and maintaining a sense of place, identity and/or community has been well documented in the heritage literature. Ideally, we need to know the universe of such sites before we assess an individual sample. This brief survey of public education tactics is incomplete and merely indicative of what needs to be done. Subject to paragraph 8, information obtained by the Organization through the verification regime established by this Treaty shall be made available to all States Parties in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Treaty and the Protocol. The investigators conducted regression analyses to examine whether any association existed between these measures and smoking status. Third-person narrative, measured drawings (often to the level of individual cobble stones in a road or stones forming a cairn), tables, scaled photographs and detailed lists of finds are all hallmarks of the standard excavation report implying neutrality and a striving towards total objectivity untainted by human purpose: this is the empiricist dream. The focus was on studies that assessed the influence of mass media interventions. Advertisements were coded as to message sensation value, an index of features believed to elicit arousal reactions: number of cuts, use of loud music, surprise endings, intense visual images, and theme. The destruction that has gone on, and is now going on continuously, seems as if it could leave scarcely anything for the information of future ages. Air exchange is an important parameter in the different enclosures, but recording this was considered to be technically difficult and beyond the means of the project. The request, supporting documents and subsequent communications shall be transmitted through the diplomatic channel, directly between the ministries of justice or any other authorities designated by the Parties. On the other hand, the label can be downright lionising to those who identify with its outlaw connotations, and others see it as a word used by the state to mark its authority. These include drastic measures such as closing places with rock imagery to visitors. For the first election of the Executive Council 20 members shall be elected for a term of one year, due regard being paid to the established numerical proportions as described in paragraph 23. The same apparent lack of interest in archaeological heritage management at the international level is demonstrated in regional conferences such as the Indo Pacific Prehistory Association with 600 to 800 members. When integrated with specialized training, the clinical neuropsychologist can provide a unique contribution to the evaluation and management of patients with known or suspected central nervous system dysfunction (see Heilman and Valenstein 2003; Lezak et al. After implementation in Melbourne, this city as well as Sydney showed declines in smoking. A number of prominent individuals of the 1800s were indeed antiquarians or collectors. Although it is now commonly recognized that excavation under shelter does help reduce thermal shock and slow down moisture loss resulting from surface evaporation from direct sun and wind exposure and erosion caused by rain, wind and snow, establishment of performance criteria for such situations has been slow. A relatively small section of the original building and scant information about the rest, was used to reconstruct a huge pyramidal platform. A duly certified copy of the Protocol relating to the first deposit of ratifications, of the notifications mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and of the instruments of ratification, shall be immediately sent by the Netherlands Government, through the diplomatic channel, to the Powers invited to the Second Peace Conference, as well as to the other Powers which have acceded to the Convention. For it alone can boast of having colossi of such an excellent style as the two Hercules, as well as the Flora, the Gladiators, and other statues, including that marvellous composition, the Bull, of stupendous size, and a large number of statues made Pietro Santi Bartoli, "Memoirs of Various Excavations Made in Rome and Surrounding Areas" (17th cent.

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News media coverage of tobacco control could have a significant impact on tobacco policy and individual tobacco use. The tobacco companies were aware of this tendency, according to a Philip Morris tracking study that reported that Newport had the youngest franchise of any cigarette brand in 1984, with more than one-half of its smokers under age 24. The pursuit of relevant readings that best represent these numerous strands is a daunting task for a single volume; therefore, it has been important to set limits while presenting the key texts and issues common to the field generally. Nevertheless, evidence exists for the potential effectiveness of intensive, well-planned, and coordinated mass media campaigns, together with school- and community-based programs, to reduce youth smoking and support adult smoking cessation. For these reasons I feel there is the danger that much salvage archaeology could become rote in nature and make little real contribution to the continued evolution of the field. The success, then, of any project to manage and develop urban archaeological heritage will depend on the proper reconciliation of archaeological needs, the interests of tourism and the urban planning of cities. For States whose instruments of ratification or accession are deposited subsequent to the entry into force of this Treaty, it shall enter into force on the 30th day following the date of deposit of their instruments of ratification or accession. But in reality, archaeologists owned and controlled them and exercised power over Aboriginal people by interpreting their past. Surveys assessed self-reported risk factors, including current regular smoking and consumption level. If the Technical Secretariat considers that there are insufficient points of entry for the timely conduct of inspections or that changes to the points of entry proposed by a State Party would hamper such timely conduct of inspections, it shall enter into consultations with the State Party concerned to resolve the problem. Full publication of archaeological investigations allows a recreation of this context. However, this effort has resulted in providing the South Carolina Heritage Trust with a starting point, based on the known resources in the state. Different attitudes towards this fundamental question have given rise to some of the most notorious controversies in conservation. The Director-General shall immediately forward the request to States Parties which have volunteered, in accordance with paragraphs 7 (b) and (c), to dispatch emergency assistance in case of use of chemical weapons or use of riot control agents as a method of warfare, or humanitarian assistance in case of serious threat of use of chemical weapons or serious threat of use of riot control agents as a method of warfare to the State Party concerned not later than 12 hours after receipt of the request. It can govern use of a site for research and excavation purposes; for access by the public and interpretation to visitors; for entertainment, recreation, or other social purposes; for religious pursuits; for commercial gain; and so forth. The clinical neuropsychologist should carefully consider the likely etiology and course of the condition, designing an assessment appropriately. Subcategory Development and Vandalism gauged the potential future disturbances to the site, if protective measures are not taken soon. If methods of labour such as piece work are employed, the length of the working period shall not be rendered excessive thereby. The established correlations between these locations and aspects of the physical landscape, such as soil type, geology, geomorphology, and distance to water, are then extrapolated to areas where no or few sites have been discovered to date. Examples that can be used may include a dog and a wolf, a shark and a whale, a house of representatives and a senate, a house and a hotel (see Table 10. Each exporting State Party shall make available appropriate information about the authorization in question, upon request, to the importing State Party and to the transit or trans-shipment States Parties, subject to its national laws, practices or policies. From a distance they were familiar, but upon closer inspection they resembled concrete castles rather than 800 year old structures that were originally built of organic and native materials. The report on the Palace of Quetzalpapalotl further states that the reconstruction is hypothetical and largely based on analogy; the report reads: Of course we did not have all the antecedents, but we did have 80% of them, and could obtain the missing ones by analogy with other sites, or from the representations of indigenous temples painted on walls, and, in the last instance, the problem could be solved by deduction. They found a significant association between expenditures on mass media campaigns and declines in cigarette sales. For the purpose of on-site verification, each State Party shall grant to the inspectors access to facilities as required in the Verification Annex. The justices said that California, one of 16 states regulating free tobacco promotions, had the right to ban free cigarette sampling because tobacco is a health hazard and because Congress has not spoken against state laws regulating the time, place, and manner in which cigarettes are sold or distributed. Interviewers briefly described each advertisement to respondents and asked if they recalled seeing it. The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall transmit the submission, accompanied by all appropriate information pertaining to the Request for Clarification, to all States Parties.

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Water may originate from the natural springs around the site, from dispersed rainwater, or from faulty drainage systems connected to roof gutters. Upon a determination that a prima facie case exists, the Prosecutor shall prepare an indictment containing a concise statement of the facts and the crime or crimes with which the accused is charged under the Statute. From a Rescue to an Anastelosis Intervention As mentioned above, during the course of the interventions various factors, most of them previously unforeseen, became apparent, which helped change the original character of the work. There are many ways in which this volume may have been arranged, each with its merits and its inconsistencies. There were more than a dozen different levels of building; all 32 Reading 6 flinders petrie the lower ones only of mud brick; the whole of the lower levels under the high Nile, and certain to be a mud swamp so soon as the Nile rose next summer. Social Considerations in Archaeological Research Design" (2006) By this time I was beginning to feel as if I was in full tour mode and just stringing practised sound bites together, when I came to a display case that housed an assortment of sewing equipment. A number of studies in the general non-Internet-specific educational literature have found that, when compared with fixed sequencing of instructional material, user control results in deviations from important information or methods of instruction and subsequent lower performance. Landslide phenomena generally and those of hydro-geological instability are however of greater impact. On the contrary cultural evidence is mainly represented by artefacts and ecofacts of scarce perceptibility and thus lacking an immediate meaning for neophytes on the subject. Walsh, "Archaeological Site Management in Carnarvon National Park: A Case Study in the Dilemma of Presentation or Preservation" (1984) Maintenance. The Court may transmit a request for the arrest and surrender of a person, together with the material supporting the request outlined in article 91, to any State on the territory of which that person may be found and shall request the cooperation of that State in the arrest and surrender of such a person. As would-be Hopi preservationists, our first introduction to prehistoric structures that were stabilized with foreign materials such as Portland cement was perplexing. I think that the public is beginning to realize this, though generally not at a fully conceptual level, and that this realization accounts for much of the current interest in archaeology. A norm transformation approach to mass media and public health: A longitudinal study of media effects on youth binge drinking. Students who completed the baseline assessment were assessed annually over the four-year campaign period, with an additional followup occurring two years after completion of the campaign. The judges, the Prosecutor and the Registrar shall enjoy the privileges and immunities, exemptions and facilities accorded to diplomatic envoys, in accordance with international law. The Role of the Media Advertisements associating femininity and masculinity with cigarettes assessed positive advertisement effect (n = 29) and personal relevance (n = 101), respectively. Accession From the date of its entry into force, the present Convention shall be open for accession by all States mentioned in Article 30 which have not signed it, as well as any other State invited to accede by the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. A Power which desires to accede notifies its intention in writing to the Netherlands Government, forwarding to it the act of accession, which shall be deposited in the archives of the said Government. All material facilities shall be granted them, particularly a certain freedom of movement necessary for the accomplishment of their duties (inspection of labour detachments, receipt of supplies, etc. The emblem shall be visible from the ground: (a) at regular intervals sufficient to indicate clearly the perimeter of a centre containing monuments under special protection; (b) at the entrance to other immovable cultural property under special protection. Camel was the sponsor of a German Web site for a new rock band, featuring English headings such as "party previews," "love parade," and "Berlin fashion," and a picture of the members of a mixed-sex band fondling each other nude. The result was that youth clearly stated that they wanted the truth and facts and did not want to be manipulated by marketing by the tobacco industry. The experimental stripping of the east curtain wall demonstrated that parts of the parapet and wall-walk survived, well protected by the vegetation which had colonised the site from shortly after its abandonment. Key Principles of Promotion and Rationales for Regulation the repetition of this metaphor [cut silk] for the brand Silk Cut has produced an important effect. Management: establishing the constraints and opportunities that may affect the ability of management to preserve and protect a site. Observational research and further analyses of tobacco industry documents are needed to identify targeted marketing activities that are less well known than those described above. The aim of verification activities at any facility referred to in paragraphs 10 and 11 shall be to verify that: (a) the facility is not used to produce any Schedule 1 chemical, except for the declared chemicals; (b) the quantities of Schedule 1 chemicals produced, processed or consumed are correctly declared and consistent with needs for the declared purpose; and (c) the Schedule 1 chemical is not diverted or used for other purposes.

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The report also noted Some portion of the $339,000 reported as expenditures for endorsements and product placements was money spent to place cigars on television shows. The general approach and scale of reconstruction work contrasts markedly with the treatment of the Stoa of Attalos, although, in fairness, the two schemes of work are separated by several decades, during which period the international conservation movement grew. If duplicate samples cannot be taken and the analysis is performed at off-site laboratories, any remaining sample shall, if so requested, be returned to the inspected State Party after the completion of the analysis. Colors and symbols associated with cigarette brands can be used in ways that facilitate the circumvention of tobacco advertising restrictions. However, because of a decline in the total number of R-rated movies released between 1999 and 2003, a shift occurred in the total distribution of movies containing smoking. Match similar lines Total Correct A C M T P M P C E A P T E A D A C A R A P E F R C E S L A R K P R F T F A P R M A E E C C D D C A B D D E C E F C R R A P A G R P A D A D A D F M R E S T A E F D D F M 4. As long as tobacco companies are able to develop new tobacco marketing strategies to circumvent tobacco control measures, the need for monitoring, research, and policy advisement continues. For this reason, which is the same one which forbids falsification, the work of art cannot be taken back to its starting point as if time were reversible" (Brandi 1951: 21). In this respect, presentation and interpretation, resting on stratigraphic understanding and conservation 730 Reading 70 buccellati skills, serve as the conduit for a proper humanistic approach to archaeology. While it may seem that there is little chance that a respectful compromise can be reached between traditional Hopi beliefs with current federal mandates concerning ruins preservation, there are nonetheless attempts being made. News and the self-production of society: Times of India coverage of caste conflict and job reservations in India. Disarmament and non-proliferation that they support further consideration of the proposal, the Secretary-General of the United Nations shall convene an Amendment Conference to which all States Parties shall be invited. One unpublished and eight published cross-sectional studies of the relationship between exposure to smoking in movies and adolescent smoking were identified. The perlite displayed higher water absorption than vermiculite, probably owing to compaction porosity, while vermiculite displayed a lower rate of evaporation because of its higher water retention. The withdrawal shall take effect one year after the date of receipt of the notification, unless the notification specifies a later date. When an internee is awarded a further disciplinary punishment, a period of at least three days shall elapse between the execution of any two of the punishments, if the duration of one of these is ten days or more. The relation between the processes of excavation and the text of the site report are not at all to be conceived as those existing between a shadowy essence (soil colour shades) [and] a concrete existence (mapped post holes in the excavation plan). A similar convergence of findings across different study types was observed in a meta-analysis examining the effects of media violence on aggression. And even if prestige interventions on masterpieces or on artefacts of particular significance must be carried out at times (since sponsors are more likely to be interested in funding this kind of project), the majority of resources must be dedicated to maintenance and routine care. Cross-sectional population surveys assessed daily smoking prevalence before, during, and following the intervention. Analyses were adjusted for demographics, school performance, smoking susceptibility, and family and peer smokers in the social environment. Of course, marketing for many other products also aims to convince adolescents that product use can help satisfy these needs. The conditions for providing international cooperation to the Court with respect to its proceedings under this article shall be governed by the domestic laws of the requested State. If a State Party is unable to give effect to an order for forfeiture, it shall take measures to recover the value of the proceeds, property or assets ordered by the Court to be forfeited, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties. Below is a list of military installations where you can record a Voice Card on November 9th, 10th, 11th. As archaeologists, we translate a mound of dirt into a pile of paper or its digital counterpart. While the main mandate of the project is the conservation of the sandstone reliefs and the training of the local staff, at the same time, given the fact that this temple is still in use and is therefore a living site, a special component of the project has been the involvement of the local community in the conservation process and therefore in the decision-making process. Another important justification for opening them to the public is the possibility this affords to explain the work done by archeologists and increase awareness of the challenges of conservation and preservation. In the long run, however, it does not matter in what sequence the problem, hypotheses, and data get together.


  • Chlamydia pneumoniae
  • Cortes Lacassie syndrome
  • Inborn renal aminoaciduria
  • Fatal familial insomnia
  • Ichthyosis alopecia eclabion ectropion mental retardation
  • Endomyocardial fibroelastosis

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The Conference shall: (a) Consider and adopt the report of the Organization on the implementation of this Treaty and the annual programme and budget of the Organization, submitted by the Executive Council, as well as consider other reports; (b) Decide on the scale of financial contributions to be paid by States Parties in accordance with paragraph 9; (c) Elect the members of the Executive Council; (d) Appoint the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as "the Director- General"); (e) latter; Consider and approve the rules of procedure of the Executive Council submitted by the (f) Consider and review scientific and technological developments that could affect the operation of this Treaty. Another important justification, rarely stated explicitly, is the economic benefit to be derived from tourism (economic value). And although we would expect modern encroachment and perhaps desecration of the traditional site, thanks to a series of taboos that protect it, this has not happened. That is, advertising in one period will have a lingering, although smaller effect, in the next period. Lower smoking rates in the intervention communities persisted at 8-year follow-up and 15-year follow-up, but only for baseline nonsmokers. The fact that any of the acts referred to in articles 2 to 5 of the present Statute was committed by a subordinate does not relieve his superior of criminal responsibility if he knew or had reason to know that the subordinate was about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators thereof. The Conference shall take decisions on questions of procedure by a simple majority of the members present and voting. In addition, visits to service the monitoring system may be required to perform any necessary maintenance or replacement of equipment, or to adjust the coverage of the monitoring system as required. Plaster at floor level becomes intermittently saturated, softens and loses its decorated surface. Indeed, in June 2004 the Wall Street Journal deemed newsworthy a 348 Monograph 19. In over two years of site operations, we have intervened in all areas of the site closed to the public (around 60% of the site area) with preliminary measures and checks which include: vegetation management, cleaning work, installation of pigeon nets, localised emergency measures (particularly on decorative features), photography and regular monitoring. Should physical conservation be a role reserved for specialists-a task consigned to an elite equipped with the latest scientific methodology-or should it arise from traditional practices of use and replacement Law of armed conflict application for registration is made, provided that he has not received an objection within the timelimit prescribed in paragraph 1 of Article 14. Each State Party shall have the right, in accordance with the provisions of this Article, to serve on the Executive Council. Historical Overview Over the past 50 years, the representation of cigarettes on television and radio has changed radically. Archaeological site: the location of a significant event, a prehistoric occupation or activity or a building or structure, whether standing, ruined or vanished, subterranean or underwater, where the location itself possesses historic, cultural or archaeological value regardless of the value of any existing structure. Such person or persons were either hors de combat, or were civilians, medical personnel or religious personnel taking no active part in the hostilities. This clearly reduces the tourist value of both former components, site and rock art. Where the laws applied by the court make no provision for appeals, the convicted person shall have the right to petition against the finding and sentence to the competent authority of the Occupying Power. On the steeper ground, deep gullies had already formed, a combination of visitor wear and erosion from runoff water. In the case of an existing facility where chemical weapons destruction operations have already been initiated, the inspected State Party shall not be required to decontaminate the facility before the Technical Secretariat conducts an initial visit. However, in a study published in 2007,111 biochemically validated smoking status in a school-setting survey (5,511 students from 48 high schools) showed that only 1. In addition to the steps leading to the upper floor, a further flight gave access either to a second floor or to the roof. Further information on advertising for lowtar cigarettes appears in chapters 4 and 5. It has already been argued that a demonstrable link must be made between effects and their causes or activation. It has been estimated that one third of the Dutch soil "archive" has been destroyed since 1950 (Groenewoudt and Bloemers 1997: 119). He shall have the benefit of these facilities until the term of appeal or petition has expired. Study limitations noted by the authors included lack of a control and selective attention. These destroy and bury archaeological materials as well as important elements of the natural and cultural heritage. This chapter examines two such areas whose impact has been studied through research: corporate sponsorship and corporate advertising. In salvage project areas choice of sites for excavation would be guided by these priorities.

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The Court alone shall have the right to decide any reduction of sentence, and shall rule on the matter after having heard the person. Comparability of total score performance on the ReyOsterrieth Complex Figure and a modified Taylor Complex Figure. In order to determine which places to open for public visitation, a regional perspective is necessary so that visitors are offered representative examples. Information is passed directly between the two hemispheres via a massive collection of axons called the corpus callosum. Experiments, particularly laboratory-based experiments, provide the advantage of internal validity and are helpful in confirming causal relationships. Complete a minimum of two trials in random order of holding up one and then two fingers. Such research should continue to inform the ongoing effort to reduce exposure through media to tobacco use and/or counteract the effects of such exposure. The requesting State Party and the inspected State Party may also participate without voting in any subsequent deliberations of the Executive Council related to the inspection. For the purpose of verifying compliance with the provisions of this Convention, each State Party shall permit the Technical Secretariat to conduct the on-site challenge inspection pursuant to paragraph 8. The strong links between prehistoric archaeological resources and aboriginal peoples is now a political reality in many countries. Initially, the motor weakness may present as a flaccid hemiplegia (complete lack of motor strength), but strength will often recover to some extent, particularly if premotor and supplementary motor areas are preserved. They liked the Marlboro advertisements significantly more than they liked advertisements for Newport cigarettes. In addition, because I am a person of Hopi ancestry and a descendant of those who built this architecture, there was added importance for me to conduct preservation work that is not only effective, but culturally appropriate and respectful of the prehistoric origins of these sites. Call showed a smoker picking up a telephone, calling a quitline, and a counselor responding to the call. Once 30% of underage smokers adopt a brand, its lasting success in the marketplace is said to be ensured. It can progress to be disabling, making writing illegible and preventing a patient from holding a cup of water to drink (see also Chap. In many instances it is not possible to separate the effects of the media component from the other components of the tobacco control program. Dysdiadochokinesia is the inability to complete rapid alternating movements associated with cerebellar ataxia, and is often tested by having a patient rapidly alternate slapping the palm of each hand and back of the hand on a stable surface. And continuing warfare in different parts of the world is causing widespread destruction of archaeological sites, exacerbating the problems of looting and trafficking. This appointment, subject to the approval of the Detaining Power, shall take place with the agreement of the community of prisoners concerned and, wherever necessary, with the approval of the local religious authorities of the same faith. If only pollen analysis had been available at the time of the great Scythian finds. To b a c c o I n d u s t r y M e d i a E f f o r t s in situations in which the tobacco industry spent considerably more than initiative proponents. What does the tobacco industry do, for example, with those competitors that refuse to comply with the self-regulatory standards Several syndromic patterns of memory loss are reviewed below and recommendations given regarding possible etiologies for these observed memory scores. Outside expertise is often required for greater objectivity, but final responsibility falls on the managing authority, which must ensure completeness of information and coverage, and the integrity of the process. The States Parties agree to consult and cooperate with each other regarding the implementation of the provisions of this Convention, and to work together in a spirit of cooperation to facilitate compliance by States Parties with their obligations under this Convention. The detaining authorities shall ensure that prisoners of war who have died in captivity are honourably buried, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged, and that their graves are respected, suitably maintained and marked so as to be found at any time. Such necessity can be established only by the officer commanding a force the equivalent of a division in size or larger. This realization led, in turn, to the development of more sophisticated archaeological techniques and the production of "how-to" excavation manuals. Why the state considered religious affiliation as being the most important criteria for membership to this committee makes sense in the light of the provisions of the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act. In a multiperiod framework, advertising and pricing decisions are guided by the goal of sales maximization, which is expected to maximize profit in the long run.


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Shapes on rocks are the shape of the Dreaming, the living presence, in past, present and future time of the origins of the cosmos. Fear appeal messages affect accessibility of attitudes toward the threat and adaptive behaviors. As in the youth studies, some studies of adults allowed for the evaluation of media alone in influencing smoking behavior and others for evaluating only media in combination with other intervention components. Davison (1991a: 11) notes that, despite the wide range of competing interests in, and the degree of public concern with, heritage it is inevitably professionals, such as archaeologists, historians and architects, who have come to dominate the management of material culture. The monitoring requirements will be both site and project specific and as a minimum will need to focus on ensuring the correct installation of the mitigation strategy, and its protection during the construction phase of the project. Relay nuclei have well-defined afferent projections and relay this to functionally distinct cerebral cortex areas (see Table 3. After contract approval, attorney Steve Duffy represented the Tobacco Institute in filing a memorandum claiming that the contracts violated state policymaking and were illegal. This is the memory for what you did yesterday, where you went on your first date, or your first car. Any question as to the disqualification of the Prosecutor or a Deputy Prosecutor shall be decided by the Appeals Chamber. The requested State shall grant the request expeditiously unless its essential interests would be prejudiced thereby. The process is really no different than for any other conservation intervention, but has often been faulty in the past. At any stage of the procedure involving a person covered by Article 1 paragraph 2 of this Statute, the Mechanism may formally request national courts to defer to its competence in accordance with the present Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence of the Mechanism. Money generated by tourists who are willing to pay to visit places with rock imagery can go a long way to finance preservation. A person covered by Article 1 of this Statute who has been tried before a national court for acts constituting serious violations of international humanitarian law may be subsequently tried by the Mechanism only if: (a) the act for which he or she was tried was characterized as an ordinary crime; or (b) the national court proceedings were not impartial or independent, were designed to shield the accused from international criminal responsibility, or the case was not diligently prosecuted. The expression of diverse viewpoints provides audiences with material on which to base informed judgments about the world around them. Mainstreams of Archaeological Inquiry Each of the [three] geographical regions discussed in the guidelines review, Australia, Europe (in particular the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom) and the United States of America evidence different trajectories with lag times of 152 Reading 20 egloff and comer perhaps one to two decades for the timing of when key issues emerge. From that list the General Assembly shall elect fourteen permanent judges of the International Tribunal. Fortunately, a number of our existing archaeological parks and monuments have been set up to cover districts rather than individual sites, so there are resources available for different research and display orientations. In a conflict where no Protecting Powers are appointed the Director-General may lend good offices or act by any other form of conciliation or mediation, with a view to settling the disagreement. The conditions were in fact quite different from those with which excavators have had to deal in the case of the mighty stone buildings of Egypt, or the massive brick structures of Mesopotamia, or of the somewhat parallel experiences to be met with on the Classical Greek and Roman sites. Finally, the corner staircase column of the upper tier was also restored so as to make it possible-thanks to Mr. The future of archaeology in South Carolina is ultimately tied to the preservation of sites as our state continues to grow and prosper. This situation is likely to improve as content management systems and tailoring of application frameworks are further developed and implemented. Topsey Archaeology and the Ethics of Collecting (1996) Julie Hollowell Moral Arguments on Subsistence Digging (2006) William D. When the person has served two thirds of the sentence, or 25 years in the case of life imprisonment, the Court shall review the sentence to determine whether it should be reduced. This book attempts to provide a general review of the science and clinical practice of neuropsychology. Luken-revealed that Liggett paid $30,000 to place Eve cigarettes in Supergirl and that American Tobacco paid $5,000 to have Lucky Strike appear in Beverly Hills Cop. They should in all cases be numbered so that they can easily be identified in the excavation register when information is being sought regarding the place and circumstances in which they were found. Clyde Pharr (1952) Four hundred years ago at a time when Europeans were being told that the great temples of Angkor were the creation of a lost civilization, and more than 400 years after the construction of Angkor Wat [the Cambodian] Queen Mother, whose son undertook the restoration of the temple, inscribed these lines on its already ancient stones: I was struck by the work of my royal child who, full of devotion restored this Preah Pisnulok [Angkor Wat] of the old Cambodia to its true ancient form. We would add that there are many areas throughout Australia, and in the future there will almost certainly be many more where the Aboriginal custodians seek European assistance in physically protecting sites. Studies have found that both adults and adolescents perceive the tobacco industry as dishonest and hold it in low esteem.

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This act prohibited cigarette advertising on television and radio and required that each cigarette package contain the label "Warning: the Surgeon General Has Determined That Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. The ethical and moral responsibilities involved in carrying out archaeology are found in neither the world of the looter nor that of the collector. The finding of compromise solutions that fulfil both aims forms the basis of field archaeological conservation. Regardless of the family to which it belongs, deterioration has a fairly constant characteristic: it is almost always irreversible. The subcortical basal forebrain as well as the medial frontal lobe areas can also be affected. When the director of the Sukhothai restoration project justified reconstruction of missing components on the grounds that the statues and structures in question were objects of worship (Musigakama in Fine Arts Department 1985: 3), he signalled the extent to which the heritage discourse in Thailand might differ from its Western counterparts. The relationship between sensation seeking and smoking, alcohol consumption and sexual behavior among Norwegian adolescents. Commonly found in lateralized neurological lesions such as focal epilepsy and/ or focal strokes resulting in unilateral mesial temporal lobe or, less often, thalamic or frontal lobe lesion. Where the outer face of the south curtain wall had fallen, it was rebuilt to protect the exposed core, and was literally hung off Cintech anchors that resisted any future outward movement. Any person regarding whom investigations or proceedings are being carried out in connection with any of the crimes set out in article 9 shall be guaranteed fair treatment, a fair trial and full protection of his or her rights at all stages of the investigations or proceedings. And it carries your personal ten-second message that plays back when a button is pressed inside the card. Because the information will influence the early stage of a project it is vital for archaeological input to the project team by this time. For example sensory pathways are afferent, sending sensory information to the brain. Smokeless tobacco advertising expenditures before and after the Smokeless Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. An empirical analysis of dynamic, nonprice competition in an oligopolistic industry. There is a larger concentration of Na+, Cl- and Ca2+ ions extracellularly, while there is a greater concentration of K+ intracellularly. If the adverse Party gains or regains control of the area, that Party also shall afford the same protection and facilities for so long as they are needed. As a matter of fact, there is reason to believe that it was first reconstructed without a stairway; the archaeological report covering the year 1942 states: "now that the pyramid has been reconstructed. It is prohibited to make use of the distinctive emblem of the United Nations, except as authorized by that Organization. The value of these tobacco trademarks has been quite durable, persisting despite growing awareness 54 of the health consequences of cigarette use, an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, and ongoing litigation against the industry. The Role of the Media Health-Risk Promotion: A New Tobacco Industry Strategy In a more radical step for the tobacco industry, particularly relative to older internal documents,a,b self-imposed health warnings have begun to appear. As researchers, we share in the European concern that rock art be physically preserved. The Depositary Governments shall promptly inform all signatory and acceding States of the date of each signature, the date of deposit of each instrument of ratification or of accession, the date of the entry into force of this Treaty, and the date of receipt of any requests for convening a conference or other notices. Even when we have managed to convince and compensate stakeholders, there remains a lack of confidence among practitioners in the technical requirements of reburial. Personality disorders are pervasive, long-standing and enduring personality traits which produce marked impairment for the individual in social, interpersonal, occupational or cultural functioning. Other ruins, instead, emerge from the archaeological digs after centuries of oblivion; when they are excavated they may risk to suffer the same fate as those Egyptian mummies which, brought to light after thousands of years, disintegrate in front of the eyes of the discoverers.


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